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hDMT Bone-on-Chip Kick-off Meeting in Amsterdam

On 7 December 2022, our group participated in the kick-off meeting of the Bone-on-Chip theme group in Amsterdam as part of the human Organ and Disease Model Technologies (hDMT) consortium. Farhad Sanaei (PhD student) represented our lab in this meeting. Together with Prof. Sander Leeuwenburgh from Regenerative Biomaterials group at Radboudumc, Farhad presented our research within the Hypatia BoneChipPredict Project.

We thank the theme coordinators, Dr. Nathalie Bravenboer (chair, Amsterdam UMC) and Dr. Liliana Moreira Texeira (vice-chair, UTwente), for organizing this kick-off event, and look forward to contributing to exciting developments within this theme!


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