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Mani Diba Selected as Member of Radboud Young Academy

Mani Diba has been selected as a member of the Radboud Young Academy (RYA). The RYA brings together enthusiastic and ambitious young academics to foster dialogue and collaboration. Dr. Diba joins the group of 30 members who contribute to the academy's mission through interdisciplinary collaboration, policy advice, and participation in debates on education, science, and communication.

Dr. Diba’s participation is a reflection of our group's engagement with the broader academic community and our dedication to contributing to important discussions in science and education.

The four-year tenure with the RYA presents a unique opportunity to collaborate with other engaged academics and to further strengthen the scientific discourse at Radboudumc, Radboud University, and beyond. We look forward to the new ideas and projects that will emerge from this new role.

For more details on the RYA and its activities, you can visit this Link.


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